Great business owners and leaders are always looking for ways to grow and develop.


By working with a seasoned business leader and consultant, our clients are able to create a vision for where they want to be in their businesses and lives and develop tangible strategies and action plans to help them achieve their goals. Finding the “right fit” is often more important than price when choosing a consultant because organizational coaching is ultimately based on a personal relationship between the coach and coachee. If you find the right individual who helps you grow your business, your consulting fee pays for itself.

SOM provides consulting as a stand-alone or add-on service to business leaders (overseeing companies of all sizes) who want to grow their business, gain insights, and improve interpersonal and professional skills. Together, we will design a customized program/package for each client’s needs and goals, which could include one-on-one dialogue, group coaching, or both.  


We begin the coaching process by assessing where the client is with their business and help them to identify and solve their most pressing business issues. During the initial coaching session, Chris Marie will ask you questions like “What’s the number one challenge in your business?” and “What are the costs for not being able to solve that problem?” Once your goals are framed, we will help you reach them!


  1. Organizational Analysis – Our initial consultation process offers clients a detailed assessment of their current performance and helps them take measured steps towards growth and optimization.

  2. Strategic Planning – Strategy is a critical component of every organization’s success. We walk clients through the extensive and exhausting process of developing a strategic plan, including priority mapping and collaborative problem solving, and then help them follow through with implementation.

  3. Talent Positioning and Development  Talented, loyal people are at the heart of every great organization. We help clients determine how to best leverage and develop their talent for optimization, by identifying their strengths and positioning them for the greatest impact.

  4. Hands-on Coaching  We offer individualized 1:1 coaching and/or customized  training workshops for small groups/teams aligned with your business objectives  and strategic plans. 

  5. Outcomes Assessment, Feedback and Follow-up  We will help you assess the results of your executed strategic plan, provide insights and suggestions for further progress, next steps, etc., because growth is not an event, but instead, an ongoing commitment. 


“Chris is a tremendous leader with great instincts and a passion for building high-performing teams. She and I led teams that worked very closely together for 3+ years where I had a front row seat to witness her great strengths in team building, coaching and creating a culture of accountability.  

As a team builder, Chris has super high emotional intelligence and a keen eye for talent. I saw this in recruitment and selection through the process of continuously engaging and building the strength of her team - and the true proof was in her results: Consistently the #1 performing team in the Nation.

As a coach, Chris is highly skilled at leveraging the strengths of her managers and colleagues and helping so many articulate their career aspirations and then supporting them to achieve their dreams. She isn’t afraid to tell hard truths and does it with great trust and caring. She had a long line of women and men that called on her for mentorship and guidance. As a business partner, I relied on her wisdom and counsel for many of my critical coaching and leadership decisions.

Chris’ culture building ability shines in holding people accountable for results in a very positive way. Her teams were always highly engaged in the vision and purpose that she set, and this was a key to her consistent delivery of outstanding results.

But don’t take my word for it, get to know Chris yourself and you will see she’s the real deal and so much more!"

—  Alex F., Pfizer, Inc.


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