Sarah Olivia Marketing has grown a diverse circle of highly skilled experts across multiple niches. Our collaborations with third-party, creative entrepreneurs from around the country allow us to provide our clients with a full-service, one-stop-shop experience. Ultimately, we save our clients time and money while maintaining premium quality through strategic collaborations with our trusted partners.  


Woose + Willie Photography and Design is owned by Faith Jenkins, otherwise known as #SOMFaye, our VP of Operations. Faith is a full-service creative with years of experience in marketing, photography, and design. Faith is a graduate of VCU, a wife and mom of two, and very much enjoys building brands and websites for other female entrepreneurs. Crafting brand identities is just one of Faith's specialties, so we are grateful to have Woose + Willie Photography and Design as a multi-talented partner!

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Spark Solutions is a Google Certified Partner providing digital strategies and tools to help businesses ignite their online presence, attract dream clients, and expand business growth. We do this by helping businesses get found on Google with Google Ads Management. Google Ads allows you to place an ad directly in front of the people who are searching the internet for your products or services in real time. You only pay when an ad is clicked––and, you control when, where, and to whom your ads show with pinpoint accuracy. Our goal is to bring you relevant, targeted leads that convert. So, this is a partnership––a trusted relationship where we focus on your goals and don’t quit until we get you solid results!

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Pixelstrike Creative is an RVA-based marketing and design agency, specializing in cutting through the digital clutter by creating innovative and eye catching digital designs. We are proud to work with Pixelstrike on our more extensive and technical web-based projects. Through our partnership with Pixelstrike Creative, SOM is able to provide additional expertise and analysis in SEO reporting, content creation, WordPress design and development, and UI/UX audits. 

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The Deerly Co. is a design studio specializing in interior design, branding, and print design. The Deerly Co. crafts work grounded in strong visual aesthetics that ensure cohesive brand identities. Striving to make these services more accessible, The Deerly Co. offers services virtually and in-person while shaping the design plan to best serve the individual client's needs. No project isn't "on brand" for this studio because they love working in different styles, color palettes, and spaces and collaborating to create work that speaks for the client. Emily, the principal designer, is excited to work with SOM to create spaces that further bring their clients' brands to life.

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