• Isabella Wade

Digital Marketing: It’s Basically Online Dating

Updated: Apr 14

With so many new beauty brands popping up, consumers are overwhelmed by how

many options there are. As a naturally indecisive person, I have an extremely hard time

narrowing down which brands would be the best fit, especially when it comes to

purchasing beauty products. However, digital marketing makes the whole process a lot

easier: Consumers can find their perfect match through a customized experience, and

brands can form lasting, meaningful relationships by connecting with their target market

on a personal level. It’s actually a lot like online dating.

Two years ago, while I was scrolling through Instagram, I encountered a Glossier ad. It

was a picture of lipgloss, and I was instantly curious. “What is this brand?!” I asked

myself. I went onto their website and was immediately hooked. The fonts were perfect,

the color scheme felt like a part of me, and the minimalist aesthetic screamed my name.

I ordered a few different products and even joined their mailing list. (I normally hate

receiving emails from retailers; but, every time I get an email from Glossier, I feel like it’s

my birthday.)

Social media marketing is just the beginning of a lasting relationship — think of it as a

first impression. Potential customers will scroll through your feed, or view your ad, and

decide whether or not your message aligns with their lifestyle. Because of this, it’s very

important to create a strong social media presence — after all, first impressions are

everything (at least, that's what my grandpa has always told me). Your feed should be a reflection of your brand, a place to highlight important company values, mesmerize

viewers with strong images and copy, and, most importantly, establish a personal

connection with brand loyalists and potential customers.

The next step is having a website carefully designed to attract and retain customers.

Your brand has a unique story to tell, and people want to hear it. For example, Fenty

Beauty uses 40 models to showcase every shade of each product on their website. Not

only does this help shoppers find a suitable match for their skin tone, but it also

generates inclusivity, which is the brand’s primary selling point.

An appearance that beautifully captures what your brand stands for is a must, but user

experience is equally as impactful. The design of your website must be intuitive, and

content should load quickly — any slowness will quickly cause users to grow impatient.

Customers also want to feel a sense of community, which can be created through blog

posts, testimonials, and strong images.

Now, let’s talk about email marketing. This is where you can really connect with

customers by crafting a personal experience. Emails can introduce buyers to new

products, handpick items they may be interested in based on previous purchases or

items they’ve clicked on, and can even offer short, fun beauty quizzes. Of course, no

one enjoys having their email blown up (I’m looking at you, Groupon), so strategic

timing is a crucial part of successful email marketing.

You’re probably left wondering who can help you with all of this. Well, look no further:

Sarah Olivia Marketing is the best option for elevating your beauty brand. Sarah and our

team deliver a personal experience, making sure to never neglect the tiniest details. The

final result is carefully-crafted work that is on par with modern-marketing standards.


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