The Benefits of Strong Branding

Updated: Mar 5

“Branding” has a lot of misconceptions. When people hear the word they tend to think of striking colors, fonts, and a beautiful logo. While these help to build your brand’s aesthetic, there's much more to it. After all, bakers don’t just focus on the icing. They perfect a fluffy, light cake with a careful amount of vanilla. Your tongue can feel the tiny air bubbles as you bite down. The piped buttercream roses get people into the bakery but the flavor has them coming back.

It’s easy to pay a graphic designer to come up with a logo. Seriously, anyone can do that. Take your business several steps further. First, you need the foundations to create a sustainable and powerful brand. After all, your brand is YOU! Think about how you want to portray yourself through your business. Your voice and vision are unique so give your audience a chance to get to know it. Remember, there isn’t one key factor to good branding. It’s a powerful combo that sets you apart from competitors. Here are some components to note:

1. The customer, of course!

Where oh where would we be without them? Loyalty and recognition come hand in hand. People buy what’s familiar to them. For instance, say you’re shopping for a new bronzer at Sephora. You head over to the Nars section where you know you’ll find a bomb bronzer. If you know it works for you, why go anywhere else? The key to having people loyal to your brand is to offer them an experience they can’t get elsewhere. Sephora kills the game by employing outgoing and talented people (mainly women) that can find me a concealer to hide my eye bags in a matter of seconds.

I don’t know about you, but I’m attracted to brands that share my values. I want to buy from companies that have strong sustainability guidelines and who pay their of-age workers a fair wage. Also, it’s a huge plus when businesses make a point to match their male employees with women. It took long enough!

2. Consistency, girl.

We all crave a little consistency in our love lives. Why not extend that need to business? Once you’ve solidified your branding foundation, marketing is straight forward. From here on out, the goal is to ensure your message, look, and products maintain your brand’s voice. No one trusts a flip-floppy business model (or, *ahem* president).

3. The power of attraction.

People take notice when a business has off-the-charts branding. It’s hard not to want to be a part of something that exuberates success and personality. Influencers, social media marketers, or website designers could see your business as an opportunity to get involved. Building your team with these innovative thinkers helps you skyrocket above your competitors. There’s no harm in some friendly competition! With some help from these experts, your network will expand. This brings with it more opportunities for potential partnerships. Growth, growth, growth!

4. Strut your stuff.

Confidence is strong and sexy, and great branding exudes confidence. When your business model shines with confidence, the attention of customers and clients is caught. Most importantly, you have to be proud of the business you created. Bold, unapologetic branding is everything and then some!


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