Sarah Olivia Marketing began as a freelance passion-project for its founder, Sarah. A little dream born in a dingy London flat while Sarah was working abroad and followed up by a lot of hard work, grit and determination, grew into a full-service, flourishing marketing agency.

Since that fateful experience in London, when Sarah committed herself to a career as an entrepreneur, others quickly took notice of her rising stature in the Richmond business community. In 2019, Sarah was recognized as one of American Inno’s 25 Under 25 recipients and SOM was honored with the distinction of Yelp’s Best Women-Owned Marketing Agency” in Richmond, Virginia.

Sarah has carefully curated a team of talented, creative professionals who bring a fresh, authentic and unique perspective with unparalleled quality, to the marketing & design industry.



Chris Marie brings more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience with the global giant pharmaceutical manufacturer, Pfizer Inc., where she was inducted into the Pfizer Hall of Fame, reserved for the “Exceptional, Elite and Consistent Sales Leader.” Chris Marie offers our clients a distinguished track record of leading, coaching and engaging high-performing individuals and teams while managing a variety of multi-billion-dollar brands.


Chris’s passion and strengths are in all things leadership and culture. Her approach is based on sound leadership principles and decades of experience leading people to achieve sustained top performance levels. Chris has a unique ability to help others to become better leaders, more effectively fostering a culture of accountability throughout their organizations. 



Faith, also known as #SOMFaye, has been with Sarah Olivia Marketing basically from the moment of inception. In her years as a designer, account manager, strategist and Director of Marketing, Faith has overseen and implemented many digital campaigns across emerging channels. Faith has single-handedly run her own photography business, Woose + Willie, for over two years and has seen a 96% growth rate in that time. Faith is based out of Richmond, Virginia and also has a career in legal marketing outside of her work with SOM.


It's not unusual to find Faith chilling with her Pomeranian at 2am with a fully caffeinated coffee, or dealing with her toddlers who can't seem to understand that sleep is not overrated.



Since Autumn was a little girl, she’s loved to organize, plan, and truly make a difference in others lives. Her Type A personality has given structure in life's most chaotic moments. Being a mom of 3 under 3 has given plenty of opportunities to perfect those skills! As a former reading specialist with a Masters in Education from the University of Virginia and an undergraduate degree from Randolph-Macon College, Autumn has been able to make an impact in organizational development for nearly 10 years. From the moment Sarah and Autumn met, it was an instant connection over their bond with their families and love for making a positive impact on people’s lives. The shared values between Autumn and Sarah Olivia Marketing are a perfect match!



Jen Davis is a brand identity & web designer who is all about simplicity and personality. Originally from Orlando, she studied journalism at Northwestern University, worked in women’s magazines in New York City, and started her design career shortly after marrying her high school sweetheart. Her design style is minimal, meaningful, and feminine, and she loves blending retro and modern elements. Adobe Illustrator is her jam––she’s always learning new tricks and keyboard shortcuts. Jen’s passions include teaching yoga, her cookbook collection, true crime podcasts, making jellies and pickles, shopping at Aldi, and eating frozen banana slices. She always has The Office on in her house and often wears her Dwight Schrute earrings. Jen currently works for SOM remotely in Killeen, TX with her husband and yellow lab.



Elena Hernandez is a graduate from Elon University in North Carolina, where she majored in Communication Design with a double minor in Digital Art and Photography. As a content creator and illustrator, she fuels her self-expression through her art and enjoys several artistic mediums, including digital art, photography, and painting. She is constantly learning innovative ways to further apply her skills and adapt to new challenges. Elena is a huge Taylor Swift fan, an avid bookworm, and miniature art lover. Sprinkling creativity into even mundane tasks, she is passionate about creating quality designs that tell a story for our clients. 



Alyson is a brand and web designer who is obsessed with helping independent businesses shine. Her focus is on simplicity and user experience, taking great care to make sure her designs are more than just pretty; they have thoughtful function and flow. Alyson grew up inspired by seeing her dad run his own business, and has had the entrepreneurial spirit since before she could even pronounce 'entrepreneurial.' After gaining experience as a marketing coordinator and in-house designer for almost 2 years of postgraduate school, she finally decided to work in a smaller business setting for more creative rein. When she's not designing brand identities and playin’ around on Squarespace with SOM, she's also a working musician, illustrator, pretend chef, hiking enthusiast, and organic gardener. 



Isabella is a beauty-junkie who loves telling stories. Storytelling, she believes, allows us all to be a little more human––we can relate to each other, get our emotions out, and highlight our unique qualities and experiences. Isabella is a graduate of Radford University, where she majored in Media Studies (with a concentration in Advertising). Besides writing, Isabella enjoys graphic design and strategic planning. When she's not working, she loves to run, go on nature walks, play with her two Weimaraners, write short stories, and discover new restaurants and breweries around the Richmond and D.C. areas. 



A graduate from the University of Richmond, Shannon brings 15 years of progressive experience in Client Relations and has emerged a Google Ads expert and digital marketing guru. With 9+ years in the pay-per-click (PPC) industry, Shannon is dedicated to helping our clients get found on Google and gain more customer visibility. She is Google Certified and is passionate about providing quality, targeted leads for our clients. Her positive spirit radiates, and she is a gifted, empowering motivator.


Having lost 120+ pounds and counting, Shannon shares her weight loss story openly to help others realize they too are capable of overcoming life’s obstacles. Shannon is a lover of dance, a hobby legal researcher, a Syracuse Orange Mom, loving wife, and dog mom to one Yorkie fur baby, Ramsay.



Lauren is a recent graduate from the University of Richmond with double majors in Finance and English. In her studies, she found a passion for reading and deriving meaningful information from data. Lauren actually got her start with small business data as our Business Development Intern back in 2019. She certainly kicked off our internship program strong! Lauren and the entire SOM team work with clients to help answer data-derived questions, inform decisions, and set projections and goals through analysis of financial and social engagement data. Whether it is ROI measures or social media KPIs, Lauren is 100% on it. Outside of work and studies,


Lauren is a total foodie and loves to explore brunch spots around Richmond and her hometown of New Canaan, Connecticut.



Emily is a residential & commercial designer/decorator who loves all things visual. With a degree in Media Arts and Design and Studio Art, Emily started her career in the D.C. area with Anthropologie in visual display and merchandising. Following that role, Emily transitioned to a field she always felt drawn to––interior design. After constantly walking into a room and automatically redesigning it in her head, she decided to learn the ins and outs of the business at a high-end D.C. interior design firm. After deciding to move to the Richmond area, Emily gained a client base through freelance interior and graphic design, both with SOM and in her own venture, The Deerly Co.

While Emily isn't designing, she enjoys exploring the outdoors and different cities with her fiancé and their puppy, River.  She can likely be found eating breakfast sandwiches around town or grabbing coffee with local creatives!


We’re always looking for talented individuals to join the team at Sarah Olivia Marketing. Whether you're a passionate creative or a tech wiz, we’d love to see if you are a good fit for our small but mighty team! We’re a growing company with endless opportunities for freelancers, full-timers, and agencies alike. If you have interest in working with us, please send us your résumé or portfolio and a friendly introduction to hello@saraholiviamarketing.com.



This blogger turned small business PR maven got the itch for helping brands gain better visibility, all while trying to do it for herself. After blogging for more than five years with moderate success, it was not until she pitched herself for her first television appearance in 2017 to a local live morning show did she set herself apart from the blogger pact and grow her brand. Since then, Shanna has successfully landed recurring features on two local live talk shows working with major brands such as Talbots, Buffalo Exchange and the Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia to gain a bigger presence in the local Richmond market. In late 2018, she began representing a local shoe company startup and has secured features in major local publications such as Richmond Times-Dispatch and Style Weekly.



Paige is a DC-based communications strategist who is inspired by creating change. Paige majored in Mass Communications and Journalism, then started her career in contraceptive access and women's health issues before transitioning to a focus in international development at The United Nations Foundation. Now, as a consultant, she continues to work with nonprofits in addition to PR firms, global NGOs, leading small businesses, and more. Her work is always creative, fun, unique, and purposeful. From media pitching and writing content to managing websites and social media accounts, she’s a jack of all trades. As a press expert, she has worked on both sides of the publishing world: both as a writer and as a media relations specialist.


Paige lives in the 'burbs with her husband (and high school sweetheart!) and their beagle, who is arguably the cutest pup on the planet. In her spare time, you can find her on a beach or on the couch, watching Gilmore Girls reruns.



Gigi and Louie hold a very special place in Sarah’s heart. Both rescues, Gigi is a lovely ginger lady who holds the distinction as Sarah’s first fur child, and Louie is a long-haired Chihuahua boy with high energy and an affectionate personality. 


Both now live a lavish lifestyle with Sarah. Gigi usually ignores Lou, often sleeps in the kitchen sink or on the dish rack. Louie enjoys long walks at the parks around RVA and returning home to get his beauty sleep alongside his favorite kitty sister, Gigi. These two furry babies are most content beside Sarah as she works on all things SOM!


We're on a mission to create content & media for any person(s). To do this, we welcome teammates with opinions and experiences across every race, gender, age, religion, and identity. This allows us to better understand and serve our clients—because we are our clients. Our approach to diversity and inclusion will allow ALL of our clients and industry peers to have a seat at the SOM table.


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